A Dedication…


If you know me at all, you know I love talking about cooking meals for my family in the Instant Pot.  At the time I purchased the Instant Pot, it was still a fairly unfamiliar gadget to most and I enjoyed sharing my creations for other curious minds.  That’s the great thing about social media – it gives you chance to reconnect with old family and friends when you live hundreds and thousands of miles away from home.

That was the case for an old high school friend of mine, Andrea Trube.  Andrea and I went to school together in Nebraska, though I was slightly older.  After high school and before moving to Canada, I would still frequently see Andrea when I lived in Norfolk, NE.  Her aunt was one of my favorite co-workers at Target, so I’d get to visit with her anytime she stopped in.

We reconnected again years later shortly after she gave birth to her first child, Addie.  And our exchanges became more frequent as we shared stories of our crazy kids and eventually all things Instant Pot.  Andrea shared several great recipes with me that she found online, and I’d cook them and post them on Facebook to share.

In February 2017, Andrea was diagnosed with leukemia only a few weeks after giving birth to her second daughter.  This was devastating as not only did she have to give it her all to fight cancer, but that meant she was separated from the daughters she absolutely worshiped.

Andrea wasn’t just someone who wanted to be a mother, she was someone that was meant to be a mother.  Her daughters were her everything.  Their bond was like no other, and the smiles on her daughter Addie’s face when she looked at her mommy was beyond love and admiration.

Though we all remained optimistic after a bone marrow transplant, Andrea announced before Christmas that her leukemia had returned.  With Christmas around the corner, she determined to spend the holiday with her girls.  She was admitted to hospital on Christmas Eve but seemed to have been starting to feel better after the New Year.

She told me on Christmas day that she was gifted a Crockpot branded pressure cooker from her mother in law.  Andrea could not wait to get out of the hospital to use it.  She was excited to try the recipes she shared with me, and told me about a frozen roast she wanted as soon as she got home.  I thought cooking a beef roast from frozen was faux pas but she was confident.

Andrea suddenly made a turn for the worse, and passed away on January 8th at the young age of 30.

One of the best Instant Pot recipes Andrea gave to me - roasted garlic!

One of the best Instant Pot recipes Andrea gave to me – roasted garlic!

I considered starting Fresh from the Pot after she told me she got an electric pressure cooker for Christmas.  I took a leap and registered the Fresh from the Pot four days before she passed away.  I was so optimistic that we’d be sharing our creations together.  It’s so hard to believe that she is gone.

So with that, I will remain devoted to Fresh from the Pot.  Not only do I hope to raise donations to go towards her two incredibly young daughters with a portion of any profits from this website; I also hope to encourage others to take action.  Don’t skip the blood drives when they are available, people rely on your donations of blood and platelets.  Get your cheek swamped to find out if you may possibly be a match for a bone marrow donation.  It costs nothing but your time.

And lastly – share your recipes with others… you will never know how much value those memories will have one day.