Fresh from the Pot on CBC Montreal Daybreak – Instant Pot Recipes!


This was such a fun experience!  I teamed up with Rebecca Ugolini (CBC) and Ryan Hipgrave (Hungryhungryhipgrave) to talk all things Instant Pot and create a few dishes for a segment on CBC Daybreak.  So many of you tuned in to listen or read the article on the website, and I truly appreciate how encouraging you’ve all been!

My friend, Karen, shared a recipe she found on cooking a whole chicken in the Instant Pot using a deep poaching method.  The chicken is at least 90% submerged into water or broth, timer is set to 0 minutes on Manual High and then left pressurized for 18-22 minutes.  Now, it was quite a chore to get the chicken out of the pot since it was bathing in very hot liquid and fall-apart tender.  However, the results were incredible!

In addition to the chicken, we also made a Parmesan risotto.  If you have yet to make risotto in the Instant Pot, add it to your menu asap!  The arborio rice cooks perfectly and turns very creamy.  It beats standing over a pot and stirring forever to get similar – or dare I say – better results than the stove top.  One of these days I hope to have enough leftover risotto to make some fresh arancini (aka stuffed Italian fried rice balls).

If you have white wine, I cannot recommend enough adding a splash when you’re at the step to add liquid.  Chicken broth is just fine if you do not have wine, but I find it adds a deep rich flavor that you cannot achieve with chicken broth alone.

Rebecca and Ryan are welcomed back anytime to do some more Instant Pot experiments with me!  And maybe, just maybe, we can convince Mike Finnerty to take a leap of Instant Pot faith with the rest of us.


Here is a link to the recipes we followed for the show. I look forward to experimenting with and further developing these recipes!

Instant Pot Whole BBQ Chicken – Amy & Jack

Instant Pot Parmesan risotto – 365daysofcrockpot