Instant Pot Ham & Potato Soup

Many years ago, when my hubby and I first got together, I had absolutely no idea how to cook if it didn’t come out of a box.  Thanks to my hubby and his grandmother, I was able to learn basic cooking techniques that developed into the skills I have today.

When his grandmother became terminally ill, she took me under her wing to learn how to make some of her favorite dishes and ones she loved to make for my husband.  She would closely observe my every move from her kitchen table to ensure I was following the steps just as she would.  It was a great bonding experience and I have such great memories of cooking with her up until she passed away.

To this day, I still use her recipes regularly and also developed some of them into my own.  However, one dish I didn’t want to alter is her scalloped potatoes (well, other than occasionally adding diced ham).  Her recipe was perfect just the way she made it.

But as with all dishes I love, I decided to turn her scalloped potato recipe into an Instant Pot dish.  I recreated this dish very successfully before, but my recent experiment became a delicious mistake of potato and ham soup instead of ham & scalloped potatoes.

I had added too much broth to the potatoes and it produced even more liquid as it cooked.  When the timer went off and I left the Instant Pot to NPR for a few minutes, I whipped up a quick bechamel sauce.  When I saw how much liquid there was, I decided just to add my bechamel directly to the instant pot and stir it with the broth.  The results were an aaaamazing creamy ham and potato soup.

My 3 year old son helped me with cooking this dish.  This was the first time he’s really had any interest in cooking with me, and actually listened to all the instructions I gave him.  It was a lot of fun to see him show an interest and hope that one day he’ll become my little kitchen helper!