Pressure Cooker FROZEN Beef Roast & Vegetables Recipe

Who would have thought that you’d be able to make delicious beef roast from frozen?  I honestly didn’t think it could be done and taste good… I always brown my roasts before cooking!

This idea came about after having a discussion with my friend, Andrea, on Christmas.  She was in the hospital and anxious to get home to get her hands on the Crockpot branded pressure cooker that was gifted to her.  Unfortunately she passed away shortly after from leukemia and never got home to try out the pressure cooker.

A few weeks after she passed away, I decided to give the frozen roast idea a try.  I had company coming over and didn’t have time to let the roast defrost.  In addition to the roast, I decided to make gravy with the drippings, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and roasted balsamic glazed Brussel sprouts.  Tall order for a last minute dinner!  With the Instant Pot, I was confident I’d get it done.

Now, this is one of those dishes where having two Instant Pots came in handy.  With two hours before guests were due to arrive, I used my sharpest chef knife to cut my frozen roast in two pieces.  In the pot, I placed beef broth and the trivet.  Tue meat was placed on top, seasoned well with salt, pepper and one of my favorite seasonings – Cookie’s Flavor Enhancer before it was set to cook on Manual High for 60 minutes.

Once the meat was done, I let it do a full a natural pressure release (NPR) and started on the side dishes. My potatoes and carrots were peeled and cut in half. In my second Instant Pot, I placed the potatoes on the bottom then placed a vegetable metal steam basket on top.  There is something about cooking root vegetables, like potatoes or carrots, in a pressure cooker that make the flavor and texture better than boiling.

The Instant Pot with the vegetables was set on manual high for 7 minutes, and the vent opened for a quick release when the time was done.  The carrots were carefully removed with tongs and tossed in a bowl with melted butter and pepper.  If there is a lot of liquid in the potatoes, drain as much as you can but a bit of liquid is good.  I like to make mashed potatoes directly in the pot and leave them on the ‘Keep Warm’ setting until ready to serve.

My friend that came to dinner is one of the recent Instant Pot converts that received one for Christmas.  Even though I’ve converted a lot of our friends to the Instant Pot bandwagon, she remained skeptical over the hype.  A few months ago, I came to her house equipped with both my Instant Pots to prep food for her daughter’s birthday party.  We had most of the food completed for the party in just a couple of hours, rather than all day it typically takes her, and it finally made her a believer!

I hope you enjoy this dish with your family and friends like we did!